Names of Lost characters' parents

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Can you name the first names of Lost characters' parents?

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CharacterFirst name
Jack's father
Jack's mother
Kate's father
Kate's mother
Locke's father
Locke's mother
Hurley's father
Hurley's mother
Charlie Pace's father
Charlie Pace's mother
Claire's father
Claire's mother
Ben's father
Ben's mother
Shannon's father
Boone's mother
Daniel's father
Daniel's mother
Charlotte's father
Charlotte's mother
Miles's father
CharacterFirst name
Miles's mother
Ethan's father
Ethan's mother
Walt's father
Walt's mother
Aaron's father
Aaron's mother
Clementine's father
Clementine's mother
Ji Yeon's father
Ji Yeon's mother
Sawyer's mother
Ana Lucia's mother
Michael's father
Alex's father
Alex's mother
Christian's father
Penny's father
Baby Charlie's father
Baby Charlie's mother

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