Lost - the Others

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Can you name the characters that were Others at some time?

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Mark PellgrinoMystery
Nestor CarbonellAdvisor
Michael EmersonFormer leader
Elizabeth MitchellFertility doctor
Tania RaymondeKidnapped by Ben
Blake BashoffRoom 23
Andrew DivoffEye patch
M.C. GaineyFake beard
April GraceShot by Eye patch
Diana ScarwidSheriff
Michael BowenShot by Juliet
Paula MalcolmsonShot by Sun
Brian GoodmanRan over by Hurley
Brett CullenInfiltrated the Tailies
Andrea RothTherapist
Fionnula FlanaganFormer leader
Alan DaleFormer leader
Terry O'QuinnDead after all
Tracy MiddendorfLooking Glass
Lana ParrillaLooking Glass
Kimberley Joseph815 stewardess
Kiersten Havelock815 child
Mickey Graue815 child
Julie AdamsBook club
William MapotherAbducted Claire
Matthew AllanThe Others speak Latin?
Todd BryantJuliet's hand

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