Characters in Koei's Samurai Warriors

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Can you name the Characters in Koei's Samurai Warriors?

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Weapon in SW3 (if applicable)Name (western style)First Game Playable
Aeon SpearSW
Ogre HornSW
Serpent KatanaSW
Moon SlasherSW
Swan ClawSW
Sakura HoopSW
Spring ParasolSW
Cyclone BladesSW
Fire FanSW
Thunder RifleSW
Iron FireSW
Scorpion ClawsSW
Phantom SickleSW
Sword of CourageSW
Heaven StaffSWXL
Katana & Kemari BallSWXL
Tiger PikeSWXL
Ancient BowSWXL
Cannon BladeSW2
Weapon in SW3 (if applicable)Name (western style)First Game Playable
Bone CrusherSW2
Blessed LanceSW2
Giant FalchionSW2
Hawk EdgeSW2
Ogre SlicerSW2
Azure WingsSW2
Demon HandSW2
Serrated Katana & Twin SpearsSW2XL
Silken StringsSW2XL
Celestial AxeSW2XL
Steel HalberdSW3
Serpent ChainSW3
Magic OrbSW3
Agate StaffSW3
Northern CrossSW3
Skylark TalonsSW3
Knight's Claymore & ShieldSW3

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