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'Celtic Cross' Finisher
Billed from 'Ghana, West Africa'
Paul Levesque
'The ninth wonder of the world'
Member of the band 'Peroxwhygen'
March 28, 1973 - December 4, 2009
Nicholas Nemeth
Hot Rod
'Mr. 305'
1st Place in the '2002 Arnold Strongman Classic'
'The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be'
'The Cobra' Finisher
Placed 3rd on 'Dancing With the Stars' (2006)
3 Royal Rumble wins
Ronnie Killings
Won the 2009 Royal Rumble match
Barbara Blank
Andrew Hankinson
Played for the Los Angeles Rams and the Atlanta Falcons
Entrance Theme 'Just Close Your Eyes'
Cast member of MTVs 'The Real World:Back to New York'
'Whoopie Cushion' Finisher
'The Dirtiest Player in the Game'
Formerly named 'High Voltage'
The Last Cruiserweight Champion before the belt was deactivated
'The Master Manipulator'
Entrance Theme 'Ain't No Make Believe'
Played in the 2006 movie 'See No Evil'
Starred in 'The Marine'
Formerly named 'Big Nasty'
5 feet 6 inches tall
Michael Hickenbottom
Starred in 'Thunder in Paradise'
Gold Medal in the 1996 Olympic Games
First member of the WWF/WWE Hall of Fame
Starred in 'Tooth Fairy'
March 28, 1958 - Febuary 10, 2003
Returned to the WWF at WrestleMania VIII to rescue Hulk Hogan
Entrance Theme 'I Walk Alone'
Entrance Theme 'Written in My Face'
Mark Calaway
Robert Remus
October 9, 1967 - November 13, 2005
Member of the band 'Fozzy'
Won Slammy Award for 'Outstanding Achievement of Baby Oil Application'
Dustin Rhodes
Pro Wrestling Illustrated 'Woman of the decade (2000 - 2009)'
Hulk Hogans partner in 'The Mega Powers'
Has a Pepsi logo tattoo
Entrance Theme 'One of a Kind'

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