Last 50 No-Hitter Catchers

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Can you name the last 50 catchers to catch a no-hitter?

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Pitcher/ TeamCatcherYear
Matt Cain/ Giants2012
Kevin Millwood (5 Others)/ Mariners2012
Johan Santana/ Mets2012
Jered Weaver/ Angels2012
Phil Humber/ White Sox2012
Ervin Santana/ Angels2011
Justin Verlander/ Tigers2011
Francisco Liriano/ Twins2011
Roy Halladay/ Phillies2010
Matt Garza/ Rays2010
Edwin Jackson/ Diamondbacks2010
Roy Halladay/ Phillies2010
Dallas Braden/ Athletics2010
Ubaldo Jimenez/ Rockies2010
Mark Buehrle/ White Sox2009
Jonathan Sanchez/ Giants2009
Carlos Zambrano/ Cubs2008
Jon Lester/ Red Sox2008
Clay Buchholz/ Red Sox2007
Justin Verlander/ Tigers2007
Mark Buehrle/ White Sox2007
Anibal Sanchez/ Marlins2006
Randy Johnson/ Diamondbacks2004
Roy Oswalt (5 Others)/ Astros2003
Kevin Millwood/ Phillies2003
Pitcher/ TeamCatcherYear
Derek Lowe/ Red Sox2002
Bud Smith/ Cardinals2001
A.J. Burnett/ Marlins2001
Hideo Nomo/ Red Sox2001
Eric Milton/ Twins1999
David Cone/ Yankees1999
Jose Jimenez/ Cardinals1999
David Wells/ Yankees1998
Francisco Cordova (1 Other)/ Pirates1997
Kevin Brown/ Marlins1997
Hideo Nomo/ Dodgers1996
Dwight Gooden/ Yankees1996
Al Leiter/ Marlins1996
Ramon Martinez/ Dodgers1995
Kenny Rogers/ Rangers1994
Scott Erickson/ Twins1994
Kent Mercker/ Braves1994
Darryl Kile/ Astros1993
Jim Abbott/ Yankees1993
Chris Bosio/ Mariners1993
Kevin Gross/ Dodgers1992
Kent Mercker (2 Others)/ Braves1991
Bret Saberhagen/ Royals1991
Wilson Alvarez/ White Sox1991
Dennis Martinez/ Expos1991

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