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AOldest of the Autobots, reformatted Orion Pax into the Autobot leader.
BFastest moving and speaking Autobot.
CReckless mini-vehicle, red, not a bumblebee repaint.
DBrutal combined form of the Constructicons.
ESporty humanoid Autobot cassette.
FDaydreaming Aerialbot.
GReformatted leader of the Decepticons.
HForms the upper torso of the Constructions.
IOld red autobot.
JCool autobot, has very powerful speakers.
KOne of the oldest of the Autobots, has stories loved by the Dinobots.
LThe fast car of Computron.
MEvil leader of the Decepticons.
NDetective Autobot sports car.
OHeroic leader of the Autobots.
PLogical Autobot military strategist.
QPredacon Fuzor, part cobra, part scorpion.
RAutobot medic.
SDecepticon communications specialist, has his own small army.
TBlue Decepticon seeker.
UAutobot second with command, combines with trailer.
VDecepticon helicopter portion of Bruticus.
WWreckless Stunticon.
XAsymmetrical Autobot Brother from Robots in Disguise.
YI actually can't find anyone starting with 'Y' so just type in 'Y' for this box. If you can find someone starting with 'Y', please tell me in the comments.
ZHeadmaster for Scorponok

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