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Can you name the solutions to these NBA jersey math problems??

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Dirk Nowitzki (Mavericks) - Carmelo Anthony (Knicks)
Scottie Pippen (Bulls) * Derrick Rose (Bulls)
Shaquille O'Neal (Lakers) - Manu Ginobili (Spurs)
Pau Gasol (Lakers) + Michael Jordan (Dream Team)
Stephen Curry (Warriors) / Dwyane Wade (Heat)
Steve Nash (Suns) - Chris Bosh (Heat)
Dominique Wilkins (Hawks) + Gilbert Arenas (Wizards)
Patrick Ewing (Knicks) + Jeremy Lin (Knicks)
Gary Payton (Sonics) + Russell Westbrook (Thunder)
Vince Carter (Raptors) * Julius Erving (76ers)
Kevin Love (Timberwolves) - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Lakers)
George Mikan (Lakers) - Nicolas Batum (Trail Blazers)
Reggie Miller (Pacers) + Tony Parker (Spurs)
Alonzo Mourning (Heat) * Stephon Mabury (Knicks)
Chris Paul (Clippers) * Clyde Drexler (Trail Blazers)
Kevin Garnett (Timberwolves) * Allen Iverson (Philadelphia 76ers)
Andrew Bynum (Lakers) / John Havlicek (Celtics)
James Worthy (Lakers) / LeBron James (Heat)
Larry Bird (Celtics) + Magic Johnson (Lakers)
David Robinson (Spurs) * Chris Bosh (Raptors)
James Harden (Rockets) + Wilt Chamberlain (Lakers)
Dennis Rodman (Bulls) + Rajon Rondo (Celtics)
Paul Pierce (Celtics) - Hakeem Olajuwon (Rockets)
Joe Johnson (Nets) * Chris Mullin (Warriors)
Dikembe Mutombo (Nuggets) / Yao Ming (Rockets)
Charles Barkley (Suns) - Kevin Garnett (Celtics)
Elgin Baylor (Lakers) / Kyrie Irving (Cavaliers)
Karl Malone (Jazz) / Kobe Bryant (Lakers, 1996-2006)
Tim Duncan (Spurs) + Blake Griffin (Clippers)
Ricky Rubio (Timberwolves) * Penny Hardaway (Magic)
Danny Granger (Pacers) / Brook Lopez (Nets)
Zach Randolph (Grizzlies) - Tracy McGrady (Magic)
Jason Kidd (Nets) * Deron Williams (Nets)
Kevin Durant (Thunder) * Moses Malone (76ers)
Dwight Howard (Magic) / Bill Russell (Celtics)
Kevin McHale (Celtics) + Marc Gasol (Grizzlies)
Paul George (Pacers) / John Stockton (Jazz)
Ray Allen (Celtics) - Amar'e Stoudemire (Knicks)
Kobe Bryant (Lakers, 2007-Present) - LeBron James (Cavaliers)
Jerry West (Lakers) / Isiah Thomas (Pistons)

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