International Phonetic Language (US Ed.)

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Can you name the descriptions of each IPA letter used in American English?

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LetterVoicingPlace and Manner
ŋlike wiNg or soNg
ɔlike sAw, bOUght, and tAUght
klike Key or KiCK
ulike sOOn, bOOt, and tOO
tlike Toe or Tight
ǰlike Jaw or Judge
ðlike THough or THis
ælike sAd, bAt, and tAn
plike in PoP or Pie
wlike We or WoW
olike sO, bOat, tOne
žlike aZure or meaSure
blike Be or BoB
llike Lot or Low
ɑlike sOd, pOt
mlike My or Most
ʊlike fOOt, bOOk, and tOOk
flike Free or FiFe
jlike You or Yard
LetterVoicingPlace and Manner
zlike Zoo or Zones
ʔlike unh-UHH or UH-oh
ilike sEE, bEat, or tEEn
ɪlike sIp, bIt, and tIn
glike in Go or GaG
əlike sUp, bUt, and tOn
ɛlike sAId, bEt, and tEn
rlike Row or RoaR
ʌlike mOnkey, sUnny, and lOve
dlike Do or DiD
slike Sew or Slice
vlike View or ValVe
rlike toRch, Rhythm, and caRRot
elike sAY, bAIt, and tAInt
hlike Hop or Hedge
člike CHew or CHurch
nlike No or NooN
šlike SHow or SHare
θlike THin or THick

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