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Can you name the everything about John Milton (Spud) in John van de Ruit's Spud?

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Full Name:
Mother's Name:
Father's Name:
Dog's Name:
Dog's Breed:
Grandmother's Name:
Uncle's Name (father's side):
Aunt's Name (father's side):
Nickname Given to Dormitory Mates:
Vern Blackadder (Nickname):
Robert Black (Nickname):
Simon Brown (Nickname):
Henry Barker (Nickname):
Charlie Hooper (Nickname):
Alan Greenstein (Nickname):
Headmaster's Name:
Headmaster's Nickname:
Chaplain's Name:
Housemaster's Name:
Housemaster's Nickname:
Headboy's Name:
Head of House's Name:
English Teacher's Name:
English Teacher's Nickname:
1st History Teacher's Name:
2nd History Teacher's Name:
Drama Teacher's Name:
Drama Teacher's Nickname:
Maths Teacher's Name:
Afrikaans Teacher's Name:
Name of School Play:
Play Director's Name:
Play Director's Nickname:
Song Director's Name:
Song Director's Nickname:
Girls School Co-ordinated with:
Egotistical Boy in Top 3 for the lead part:
Insecure Boy in Top 3 for the lead part:
Spud's Part:
Amanda's Part:
Eve's Part:
The Glock's Part:
The Guv's Part:
Lloyd Creswell's Part:
Girlfirend's Name:
Girlfriend's Nickname:
Red-Head Interest's Name:
Other Interest (and terror's) Name:
Celebrity Crush:

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