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Novelist - Ravens Head Coach
Profesionnal Basketball Player
Record Label President
Singer - Record Label President
Brooke's Model
Nathan and Haley's son
Lucas mother
Lucas and Natha's uncle
Lucas and Nathan's father
Nathan's mother
Peyton's father
Sports announcer
Retired Ravens Coach
Ravens Assistant Head-Coach
Brooke's Assistant - Marvin's girlfriend
Brooke's boyfriend
Peyton's biological mother
Karen's boyfriend
Lucas Editor
Keith and Karen's daughter
Brooke's mother
Peyton and Lucas daughter
Keith ex girlfriend
Ravens Player
Street Baller
Ravens Player
Ravens player - Jenny's father
Brooke's boyfriend (season 4)
Haley's student - lived with Brooke
Marvin ex-girlfriend
Jamie ex-nanny
Tric's Bartender
Brooke's boyfriend (season 2)
Felix's sister
Jenny's mother
Marvin's boss
Peyton's brother
Deb's brother - Nathan's uncle
Marvin's ex girlfriend
Girl in the shooting
School shooter
Haley's sister
Witnessed Keith's murder
High Flyers Player
Jake and Nicki's daughter

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