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The best robot with an axe on Robot Wars
Defeated by Tornado in its heat final
First robot to self right using an axe
Series 7 All Stars semi finalist
Grand Finalist in Series 2
16th seed in The Fourth Wars
Semi Finalist in Series 2
Combined an axe and flipper in Series 7
Named V-Bot in Techno Games
Had a grudge against Bigger Brother
Seeded 32 in The Fourth Wars
Team Pneumatic Fanatics' robot
Defeated by Wild Thing in the semi finals
Defeated by Kat 3 in Series 5
Grand Finalist in Series 6
Named after a WWE wrestler
Flipped OOTA by Firestorm 4
Named after a god
Tag Team runner-up
Extreme 1 Annihilator runner-up
Replaced Iron Awe in Series 5
First to fall to Hypno-Disc in Series 5
Heat finalist in Series 3, lost to Hypno-Disc
Battlebots competitor
Named Shadow of ____ in Series 4
Tag Team partners with S.M.I.D.S.Y
Handed the victory to Big Brother in Series 3
Featured 2 sideway axes
First to fall to Chaos 2 in Series 5
Competed in the New Blood Championship

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