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Brother of the world's greatest assassin
Obese finalist in the 25th Tenkaichi Budokai
Placed next to the protagonist as a baby
Fights protagonist's granddaughter in 28th Tenkaichi Budokai
Pink, spiky subordinate
Father of the 'Legendary Super Saiyan'
Sees visions of his race's destruction
Protagonist's daughter-in-law
Has the power to freeze time
Expands the evil in opponents' hearts
The most powerful villain
Black finalist in 25th Tenkaichi Budokai
Protagonist's second son
Protagonist's second master enters tournaments under this alias
Villain strongly resembling protragonist
Bisected and eaten by an overweight swordsman
Red space soldier, wrecks hotel
First girlfriend of bald Z-fighter
The evil in his soul became the Demon King
Nearly defeats protagonist by absorbing ki
Red Ribbon ninja officer
Monster from a planet of total darkness
Fortuneteller's fighter, all wrapped up
New elder of Namek
Parent of Earth's god
Killed by one kick from the protagonist
Leads B-Squad to Kame House
Rival of protagonist's fifth master
His disguise is stolen by two children at the 25th Tenkaichi Budokai
Short, red minion of immortal villain
Cult leader obssessed with dolls
Trained alongside the protagonist's grandfather
Speedy blue alien
Owner(s) of a man-eating gourd
'Superhero' finalist in the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai
Super Saiyan 4 fusion
Comes from the future to deliver a warning
Unseen officer of Red Ribbon Army
Canine ninja
Muscle-bound minion of immortal villain, killed by Demon King
Alien wife of the exiled Saiyan prince
Dog adopted by pink demon
Invents the Dragon Radar
Assistant to hero at Cell Games
Bumbling blue imp
Watches over south quadrant of the universe
Trains the protagonist's son in the wilderness
Elderly god who loves rock and roll
Earth's fraudulent hero
Emporer of the universe
Only female finalist in 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai
Green minion of immortal villain, pulls swords out of legs
Takes over King's Castle
Sigma Force commander
Green fox who takes protagonist to airport
Stoic, purple-skinned android
Alien(s) on fake Namek
Protagonist's first son
First character to be revived by the Dragon Balls
Three-eyed fighter's pet
Female enforcer on Imegga
Protagonist's opponent in the Demon Realm
Creation of a vengeful Tsufuru scientist
Demon with the power to manipulate space
When his whiskers shake, so does the ground
Alcoholic android
Killed by a 'nice shot'
Protagonist's brother
Black-haired agent partnered with canine ninja
Purple minion in a horned hat
Torches forest to retrieve a Dragon Ball
A lightning-quick bug in the afterlife
Quickly dispatched by his long-time rival on Namek
Demon King's alias at the tournament
Ox-like minion of immortal villain
Female god who lives with protagonist's grandfather
The champion of justice's girlfriend
First villain killed by Kamehameha
Small, but has powerful psychic abilities
Protagonist's best friend and fellow student
New god of Earth
The world's greatest assassin
Protagonist's first master
Apparently grows a nose during puberty
Long-haired male schoolmate of protagonist's son
Takes a child hostage in a plane
Final villain to turn good
Vertically challenged commander
Blue hair means a kindly maid, blonde hair means a dangerous thief
Insectoid creature with DNA from several fighters
Purple-haired officer of Red Ribbon Army
Mistakenly cited for creating an android in the anime
God's alias at the tournament
Shaves his mustache
Beaked assistant to the Great Demon King
Has his wish for immortality granted
Three-eyed fighter
Dead in two episodes, guards Saiyan prince's healing tank
Judge and jury of the afterlife
Ditzy blonde trophy wife
Locked away inside the Z-Sword
Machine Mutant killed by protagonist's granddaughter
Unseen officer of Red Ribbon Army
Plant-like monsters created by Saiyans
Dislikes his more powerful, monstrous form
Demon lord of Mount Poazu
The champion of justice
Blue-haired half-Saiyan
Son of Slump
Runs out of batteries during a fight
Strips to confuse opponents
Girl of the North
Asks for directions back to the ocean
Celebrity finalist at the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai
Red ogre in Hell
Homosexual stereotype, finalist in the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai
Birth name of protagonist
Able to switch bodies
Protagonist's second master
Insectoid alien unfairly imprisoned
Sentient Dragon Radar
Wants revenge for Red Ribbon Army
Defeated by energy from all of Earth
'Dr. Slump' himself
Fuses with copy in Dragon Ball GT
Obese fighter at Cell Games
Personal attendant to Earth's god
White-haired, teal-skinned minion of immortal villain
Stows away on spaceship
Namekian child killed in village
Machine Mutant worshipped as an idol
Old woman who owns the Basho Fan
Monkey that must be caught in order to recieve training
Strongest fighter of the Demon Realm
Potara fusion of protagonist and rival
Uses Destron gas to avenge his people
His Guru-Guru Gum is inescapbale
Fused form of red and blue soldier
Protagonist's hand-picked successor
His horrible smell is his weapon
Wants prize money to buy water for his village
Watches over east quadrant of the universe
Runs a village of orphaned children
Don't confuse him with his purple look-alike, this one's orange
The good half of a powerful demon, he helps his friend rig several Tenkaichi Budokais
Shape-shifting pervert
Breaks protagonist's son's neck
Comes to Earth to resurrect a powerful demon
'Red Magma!'
Absorbs parts of other androids to transform
The basis of many Earth legends
Namekian dragon
Eats one of the Demon King's spawn
Small boy living at the base of a tall tower
Saiyan prince sent away for being weak
Blue ogre in Hell
Visible when wet
Can trap enemies through song and dance
Former champion defeated in the prelimanaries
Rubbery pink monster with electric powers
Brutally injures female opponent at tournament
Master thief for hire
Uses psychic powers to imobilize heroes and plant bomb
Snobby finalist in the 25th Tenkaichi Budokai
Personal attendant to the highest gods
Sealed the Demon King in a rice cooker long ago
Soldier who mistakes Namekian crab eggs for Dragon Balls
Girl(s) kidnapped by shapeshifting pervert
Insectoid alien forced to wed dictator
Creator of the most powerful demon in existence
Trash-talking finalist in the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai
Accompanies his cyborg son to Earth
Turns people into carrots by touching them
Wants revenge upon the one who destroyed the moon
Protagonist's fifth master
Dissenting android
Tiny clones of insectoid villain
Loyal shape-shifting animal
Founder of Capsule Corporation
'Nice shot!'
Bald villain with a quick temper
Loves to 'wrestle'
He is the planet M2
Blue space soldier, wrecks hotel
Peaceful android whose death sparks a transformation
Vain male fighter at Cell Games
Protagonist's third master
Their mother reveals information to an evil wizard
Dragon capable of granting any wish
In charge of Muscle Tower
Runner-up of 25th Tenkaichi Budokai
Bandit of the desert
Merges with the Namekian from Earth
Defeated by shape-shifting cat and small boy
Inventor of Super Ghost Kamikaze attack
Skilled in the art of divination, able to enter afterlife at will
'Children shouldn't eat that!'
Kills superior and takes over army
Only survivor of the highest gods

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