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Can you name the the answers to the following NCIS trivia questions?

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Professor DiNardo 
The Frog 
Shot by an Israeli Sniper 
Shootout in an abandoned diner 
Shot while being arrested by NCIS 
Shot by half-sister 
Shot while used as a human shield 
Current Director of NCIS 
Director of Mossad 
Senior FBI Special Agent 
Assistant Medical Examiner 
NCIS Forensic Specialist 
The Movie Buff 
The Ex-Assassin 
The Computer Geek 
The Fearless Leader 
The Goth 
Misc. Trivia
Former NCIS Special Agent portrayed by Muse Watson 
Number of times Gibbs has been married  
Show from which NCIS is a spinoff 
The plague that nearly killed an NCIS agent 
Number of NCIS directors in show 
Misc Trivia
NCIS Spinoff 
Number of comas Gibbs has been in 
The woman that an NCIS agent dated in an undercover operation 
Gibbs' daughter 
Newest agent on the NCIS Team 
Thom E. Gemcity's first book 

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