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Can you name the highest grossing film for each actor/actress?

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Will Smith1996
Julia Roberts2001
Tom Cruise2005
Morgan Freeman2008
Mike Myers2004
Jack Black2005
Owen Wilson2006
Ashton Kutcher2003
Demi Moore1990
Bruce Willis1999
Denzel Washington2007
Edward Norton2008
Lindsay Lohan2003
Matt Damon2007
Meg Ryan1986
Paul Newman2006
Jake Gyllenhaal2004
Jack Nicholson1989
Jackie Chan2001
Robert Deniro2004
Mel Gibson2002
Hugh Grant1999
Miley Cyrus2008
Eva Mendes2005
Meryl Streep2008
Michael Cera2007
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson2008
Jon Heder2007
Sharon Stone1990
Paul Rudd2007
Jessica Alba2005
Will Ferrell2003
Jennifer Lopez2002

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