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 Circus time
 Oh you better reconise!
 What does everybody want?! - Leif?
 He's an Outlaw
 Shortest time in a Rumble
 Should never have been in the match!
 Viva La Raza
 Who's First?!
 2 seconds!
 Rule, Britannia!
 The Original Rock
 Biggest King
 The King of Harts
 Everybody get aboard the....Good-train!
 No Chance In Hell
 This is a test
 The all American-American
 Strike Force!
 There's no news like...
 The Road Warrior
 The Shiek's son
 Why did this guy even exist?
 Here comes the...
 England's Capital city
 World's Largest Athelete
 Real American
 Bushwhaker...Enough said
 The son of a King
 He's a Masterpiece
 He hears voices in his head
 He puts the A in T+A
 Gimmick Battle Royal Winner
 The People's Champion?
 Crocodile man
 Wrestlemania 2 cage match
 You think you know him
 The Next Big Thing
 Father of Goldust
 The Rocker
 The Princess Bride's Giant
 Yummay....blood, mmm
 He's Mighty
 One of the Twin Towers.
 Hardcore Icon
 He's Rowdy... but not before it was Cool
 Natural Disaster in a sailor uniform
 His time is now
 He's a dog-faced gremlin
 Two J's
 The American Dream's son
 You have 3 minutes...
 Vince McMahon's personal pick
 Monday Night Johnny
 he'll Cripple you
 He's Super....He's Crazy....He's.....
 Soviet Union member
 ...of Pain
 Lion King
 Pig farmer to Ministry of Darkness?
 He's got the colonel in the back.
 You will never forget his name.
 His name rhymes with a stick
 9th Wonder of the world
 The Model
 The winner of the Mini Royal Rumble
 Viva La jr.
 The Whole F'n Show!
 There's no stopping him
 like pigs?
 Super...super...super.... bug?
 Weighs over 400lbs
 He's Fit and loves to fight
 Oh it's true...
 He's 'Big'
 Where's Hawkins?
 He's 'Too Hot'
 He's 'Marvellous'
 He loves 'Dub-Dub-E'
 He married Chuck Palumbo...almost.
 Black Lesnar
 Watch that nose on that ladder...
 Do you smell....
 Sexual chocolate
 He's not Conan
 Can you dig that.............SUCKA?!
 Chicken man
 4 Faces
 He's funky
 World's most dangerous referee
 He spits in the face, of people who don't want to be Cool
 Sexy Boy
 He's nasty
 The biggest little man
 Heaviest man to win a Rumble
 Double A
 Stink face
 Looks like Wolverine
 Hello Ladies!
 Total Package
 Version 1.0
 He's 'Great'
 Natural Disaster
 'What's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine too!'
 World's Strongest Man... before M.H
 Self High-Five
 World's most dangerous man
 There is only one...
 He's a smokin' gunn
 Big Daddy Cool
 Stand Back.....Sugar Shane's comin' through!
 Doesn't know whether he's from Jaimacia or not
 He was Rowdy before Rowdy was Cool!
 Most Valuable Player?
 Needs no introduction
 Intergalactic gymnist
 At least he'll keep the WWF clean
 It's all about the Game
 Law Enforcer; Shirt and Tie to Rapper?
 He's explosive!
 At Last he's on his own...
 It's good to be the King.
 Bushwhaker...Enough said
 Ohhhhh Yeah!... Dig it?
 He'd like to be serious for a moment
 Don't go messing with a country boy
 It's Darth Time!
 Tormented soul
 Everybody loves a tax man
 Trust him?
 He's a Mexicool
 HOLLA! - Only if you hear him.
 Protection Agency
 ...Hey yo...#2
 He has rings.
 Can somebody say Yellow?!
 Little F.B.I
 It's Hammer Time!
 Who's Next?!
 The Best There Is....
 The Innovator of Violence
 If a piano doesn't land on you, he will
 Simply Ravishing
 He loves his name so much, he says it twice.
 Unbreakable Union...
 He's Priceless
 He says you're a Maggot!
 All the little warriors follow him
 He's tough enough
 You're gonna serve hard time!
 Stylin' and Profilin'
 Should really change his surname
 You you didn't know?!
 That's MR....
 he's an Animal
 Was in Sherlock Holmes
 Make some noise!
 Is it Kane?... NO...Really?

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