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Can you name the Dr. Seuss stories by their moral lesson?

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Dictators can be overthrown by the lowest among them.
Stupid conflicts can lead to mutually assured destruction.
No matter your ambition, you will find all sorts of interesting things in life.
Don't fix what isn't broken.
Holidays happen with or without being commercialized.
Live up to your responsibilities and promises.
Arrogance makes you sound stupid.
Don't judge people based on their appearance.
Standardized testing makes bad education.
Do not stifle the imaginations of children.
Vanity can be very unhealthy.
Don't attempt to manipulate the Earth's behavior.
If you can't accept multiple ways forward, you may not move forward at all.
Discrimination will lead you to make a fool of yourself.
Don't destroy the natural environment, because you need it more than you know.
Realize your potential.
All people have the right to life.
Your wildest dreams require a lot of work.
Fame will ruin your life.
Don't avoid the unfamiliar until you try it once.
Don't be a freeloader.
You cannot avoid your problems forever; you have to face them head-on.

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