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What does Steven feel like he's sitting on at the birthday party?
Which industry does Lisa consider too competitive?
Peter isn't running Bay to Breakers because there are too many . . .
What does Lisa call Mark when she seduces him?
What was the interesting part of Johnny and Lisa's first date?
What are Johnny's last words?
According to the song, Mark is Lisa's . . .
How much time doesn't Chris-R have?
What does Mike leave behind in the apartment?
According to Lisa, Johnny has nice . . .
What does Susan want Johnny and Mark to order?
Mark tells Steven to leave his stupid comments in his . . .
Who does Denny want to marry someday?
What did Johnny NAAAAHT do to Lisa when he got drunk?
Mark is just a chicken!
What does Claudette's test show that she definitely has?
What does Johnny change the subject to when Mark tries to find out who his new client is?
Who does Johnny say hai to at the flower shop?
How much does the bank save thanks to Johnny's ideas?
According to Johnny, Lisa has nice . . .

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