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Can you name the flavors of soda based on the hints?

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Our ____ is just the right combination of sweet and tart. The ultimate thirst quencher. Now that's a-peel-ing!
Our _____ ______ is a dark ______ soda with a lot going on. It's rich, it's creamy and it's packed with old-school flavor!
Our ____ ____ is rich and creamy with good old-fashioned full-bodied flavor. Best served in a frosty mug or right out of the bottle.
This is a sweet and satisfying soda with a big, bold _____ taste. It's sure to tickle your taste buds. Oh, and these ______ are seedless.
The name says it all. It's ______ and smooth, with just a hint of vanilla. For an extra special treat, pour it over ice _____ for a _____ ____ float!
This is our twist on an old time favourite. It's smooth and juicy, with just the right amount of bubbles. The best part . . . no pulp! Share one with your main squeeze.
____ is the world's most popular soda pop flavor. We're very proud of our version of this beloved classic. Try it and we're sure you'll agree!
_________ was a flavor favorite way back in the soda fountain days. We decided to mix it up and make ours blue. It's a ton of fun and tasty too!
It's like biting into a sweet, juicy __________. To add to the fun, we added bubbles. It's berry, berry delicious!

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