Amanda Show Characters by Catchphrase

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Can you name the Amanda Show Characters by their catchphrases?

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'Heh-heh, that's a good one!'
'I'm an exchange student from Tennessee.'
'Could I BE any more popular?'
'What was that for? . . . OK!'
'Judge Trudy says she's right!'
'How rude!'
'I must find Amanda and make her my acquaintance, please!'
'You're so hurtful!'
'Bring in the dancin' lobsters.'
'Is better!' 'MUCH BETTER!'
'Will you make me a sandwich?'
'You're a failure.'
'I like eggs!'
'I'm gonna hit you in the head with a [random object]!'
'For bein' an idiot!'
'Well, if your regular teacher does it, I suppose I should, too.'
'Hi, and welcome back to So You Wanna Win Five Dollars.'
'Uh, one time . . .'

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