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The shards of Narsil are re-forged intoA
Bartender of the Prancing Pony in BreeB
Highest peak of the Misty MountainsC
Steward of Gondor, father of Boromir and FaramirD
Aragorn is the heir of ???E
The forest where Treebeard livesF
River-daughter who lives with Tom BombadilG
Elf from Lothl├│rien, meets the Company at its bordersH
Saruman's home, Gandalf is imprisoned here brieflyI
The 'J' in J.R.R. Tolkien stands for ???J
'Moria' in the language of the Dwarves, or the bridge where Gandalf fellK
The fairest of the Elvish realms, home of GaladrielL
Merry's proper first name is ??? BrandybuckM
Place of origin of the D├║nedain, Aragorn is the last of this raceN
Old capital of Gondor, located on the great river AnduinO
Pippin's proper name is ??? TookP
The 'High-Elven' form of Elvish is called ???Q
Realm north of Gondor, known for its horses and cavalryR
Chief of the Mearas, Gandalf's horseS
??? Oakenshield, leader of the Dwarves in 'The Hobbit'T
Arwen's Elvish second name (means 'Evenstar')U
Name for the 'Undying Lands,' where elves depart for from the Grey HavensV
Location where Frodo is stabbed by a RingwraithW
Gimli wields an ??? (doesn't start with 'x,' but it has one)X
Elvish word for 'Orcs'Y
One of the three peaks over the Mines of Moria (Enter ZZ to see!)Z

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