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I'm so drunk, I don't mind if you kill me
So stay awake...Oh, why the hell should I stay awake?
Well I'm bored, I'm bored, c'mon let's get high
Goodbye girl, goodbye girl, goodbye girl, goodbye girl
Just because you like to destroy, you are the word the word is 'destroy'
Eyes boring a way through me, paralyse...controlling completely
South fisher, German bite...I skate on the world tonight
So if you're lonely, you know I'm here waiting for you
As I took step number four, into the close of your tenement
Yeah I'll be happy on my own
I charm you and tell you of the boys I hate, all the girls I hate, all the words I hate, all the clothes I hate
Cooling all the blood to slush, congeals around again
I replace you easily, replace pathetically...I flirt with any flighty thing that falls my way
Beautiful boys on a beautiful dance floor, Michael you're dancing like a beautiful dance-****
Can't stop thinking of you, if I can't have you then nobody can, yeah, yeah, yeah
Stalin smiles and Hitler laughs, Churchill claps Mao Zedong on the back
Leap yeah, take an atmospheric leap and let the jet stream set you down
Love'll die, lovers fade, but you still remain there
No, I'd never resort to kissing your photo, honest. I just had to see how the chemicals taste there, honey
You boys never care, you dirty boys will never care
Ich hei├če Superphantastisch! Ich trinke Schampus mit Lachsfisch!

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