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ClueFour Letter Word
You go to the pub to spend time with some decent ____.
You're playing a game of poker, but you're losing. You ____.
You've lost quite a bit of ____.
Your opponents start to ____ you.
Maybe it's time to hit the ____.
Your disappointment causes you to ____ loudly.
Someone mistakes you for this Suidae.
Or this Ursidae.
You need a ____ to calm your nerves.
And maybe this vegetable?
ClueFour Letter Word
You're walking along with these instruments.
Not such an impressive ____.
But walking has conquered your ____.
Of staring at someone's ____.
Which you did, whoops, ____ what you sow.
You need to ____ off the road.
The person behind you follows your ____.
Did she ____ your mind?
You buy her a pint of ____.
And you share a delightful ____.

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