Fill in the Blank: WoT Chapters (Book 2)

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Can you name the words that will finish the chapter titles from book 2 of the Wheel of Time (The Great Hunt)?

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Chapter TitleMissing Word/Part of WordHint
Prologue: In the ______Darkness
The ______ of Tar ValonFire
The ______A friendly greeting
Friends and ______Foes
______Your presence is demanded
The Shadow in ______Borderlands nation
Dark ______A foretelling of what will happen
Blood Calls ______Like attracts like
The Dragon ______Book 3
The ______ Begins...for the Horn
Glimmers of the ______We are all threads in it
______ in the PatternA thread that has been incorporated into the Pattern
From Stone to ______There's one in Tear
Wolf_____Elyas Machera
Kin_____Lews Therin Telamon
In the Mirror of ______No light
To the White ______Tar Valon
Beneath the _____It has a hold over Mat
______Half of the Power
The Nine ______An inn
______People who are looking
The ______What Nynaeve undertakes to be raised to Accepted
New ______ and Old EnemiesPeople you do get along with
______Kingdom of the Rising Sun
Chapter TitleMissing Word/Part of WordHint
______Lack of harmony
The Shadow in the ______Time of day when the Shadow is likely to be about
A New ______ in the PatternWhat makes up the Pattern
______Invaders from across the ocean
______ Dae'marGame of Houses
On the ______You can smell it
Dangerous ______Be careful what you say
A ______ from the DarkThey are sending a statement
The ______ it wills
______ TsofuWhere the Ogier live
Among the ______The very wisest of the Ogier
What ______ BeA possibility
______...makes perfect
______ from the White TowerA hasty exit
______'Leashed One'
______Polite arguments
______Town on Toman Head
A ______A strategy
_____ Will Ride ForthIngtar, Perrin, Rand, Mat, Hurin
Blade_____Owner of a heron-marked blade
To _____ Out of the ShadowEmerge
The _____ is No Bar to my CallThe Heroes emerge after the Horn is blown
____ ClaimingPrimary
What Was _____ to BeSupposed

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