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Can you name the US states given a former senator from that state?

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Richard Nixon1950-1953
Zell Miller2000-2005
Happy Chandler1939-1945
Gaylord Nelson1963-1981
Ken Salazar2005-2009
John Stennis1947-1989
John Danforth1976-1995
Thomas Dodd1959-1971
Conrad Burns1989-2007
Paul Sarbanes1977-2007
Everett Dirksen1951-1969
William King1819-1952*
Clifford Case1955-1979
George W. Norris1913-1943
Carl Hayden1927-1969
Estes Kefauver1949-1963
Nancy Kassebaum1978-1997
Charles McNary1918-1944
Rush D. Holt, Sr.1935-1941
Warren Magnuson1944-1981
Lloyd Bentsen1971-1993
Benjamin Harrison1849-1852
Alan Simpson1979-1997
Harrison Schmitt1977-1983
James McClure1973-1991
John Chafee1979-1999
John Warner1979-2009
William Allison1873-1908
Rufus King1813-1825*
Spark Matsunaga1977-1990
Hannibal Hamlin1848-1881*
Robert Stafford1971-1989
Philip Hart1959-1976
David Boren1979-1994
Daniel Webster1827-1850*
Pat McCarran1933-1954
John Sununu2003-2009
Caesar Rodney1822-1823
John Glenn1974-1999
Lynn Frazier1923-1941
John C. Calhoun1832-1850*
Ted Stevens1968-2009
Arlen Specter1981-2011
Elizabeth Dole2003-2009
David Pryor1979-1997
Wallace Bennett1951-1974
Lawton Chiles1971-1989
Hubert Humphrey1949-1978
George McGovern1963-1981
Russell Long1948-1987

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