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Hint about alienThe Alien
Feisty big feline.
The Lone Magnet
He sheds orange fur and a spiked tail.
The monster under your gravestone
Small Loudspeaker
Four Arms are better than two
A Misspelled Animal that blends in anyway.
I vant to suck your blood!
Big, Purple, and Fat.
A very destructive stunt bug
A shocking water-land creature
I didn't know armadillos could dig
He's all wrapped up
Blue, Buggy, and Furry.
Technology Meets The Extinct
Your own personal electrical outlet
U.F.T.- Unidentified Flying Turtle
Aren't you extinct?
Fee fi fo fum
The Star's are Young, and Black
Frankenstein's son
Hint about alienThe Alien
Feeee Fii Foo Fuum
Rainbow Crystal
Ultra Marshflame
The violet speedster.
Small and Gray
Hot hot hot
Kung-Fu beak
He is Technology
Frozen reptile
The undergrowth
Tell dad to get a bigger flyswatter
The high tech pterosaur
Lend a helping eye
A toddler's best friend
He sheds orange fur.
Sleeper Bell
Better out this way than from below.
So cute, and gross
A Pokemon
Radioactive Green Robot
Hint about alienThe Alien
Orange, Brainy Crustacean
The Beatles have an alien that represents their appetite
He's not exactly the best alien.
The Crocodile Hunter's Nightmare
Tall slim frog
The Alien on the Moon
Big, orange, emphasis on fat
Bigger, gray, still fat, and spikier
Fast Raptor, really Fast
Acidic nasty concoction.
That's Cold
Tick Tock
Radioactive and with an accent.
Scientifically smelly
He's Hot and he's Cold
A Red Upright Crustacean
Bigger Loudspeaker
Monkey See, Monkey Electrify

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