US Senators of the 1960s

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StateSenatorYear and Party
Alabama1960-1969 D
Alabama1960-1969 D
Alabama1969 D
Alaska1960-1968 D
Alaska1960-1969 D
Alaska1968-1969 R
Alaska1969 D
Arizona1960-1969 D
Arizona1960-1965, 1969 R
Arizona1965-1969 R
Arkansas1960-1969 D
Arkansas1960-1969 D
California1960-1969 R
California1960-1964 D
California1964 D
California1965-1969 R
California1969 D
Colorado1960-1969 R
Colorado1960-1963 D
Colorado1963-1969 R
Connecticut1960-1963 R
Connecticut1960-1969 D
Connecticut1963-1969 D
Delaware1960-1969 R
Delaware1960-1961 D
Delaware1961-1969 R
Florida1960-1969 D
Florida1960-1969 D
Florida1969 R
Georgia1960-1969 D
Georgia1960-1969 D
Hawaii1960-1969 R
Hawaii1960-1963 D
Hawaii1963-1969 D
Idaho1960-1962 R
Idaho1960-1969 D
Idaho1962-1969 R
Illinois1960-1967 D
Illinois1960-1969 R
Illinois1967-1969 R
Illinois1969 R
Indiana1960-1963 R
Indiana1960-1969 D
Indiana1963-1969 D
Iowa1960-1969 R
Iowa1960-1961 R
Iowa1961-1969 R
Iowa1969 D
Kansas1960-1962 R
Kansas1960-1969 R
Kansas1962-1969 R
Kansas1969 R
Kentucky1960-1969 R
Kentucky1960-1968 R
Kentucky1968-1969 R
StateSenatorYear and Party
Louisiana1960-1969 D
Louisiana1960-1969 D
Maine1960-1969 R
Maine1960-1969 D
Maryland1960-1963 R
Maryland1960-1965 R
Maryland1963-1969 D
Maryland1965-1969 D
Maryland1969 R
Massachusetts1960-1967 R
Massachusetts1960 D
Massachusetts1960-1962 D
Massachusetts1962-1969 D
Massachusetts1967-1969 R
Michigan1960-1966 D
Michigan1960-1969 D
Michigan1966-1969 R
Minnesota1960-1964 D
Minnesota1960-1969 D
Minnesota1964-1969 D
Mississippi1960-1969 D
Mississippi1960-1969 D
Missouri1960 D
Missouri1960-1969 D
Missouri1960-1968 D
Missouri1968-1969 D
Montana1960-1961 D
Montana1960-1969 D
Montana1961-1969 D
Nebraska1960-1969 R
Nebraska1960-1969 R
Nevada1960-1969 D
Nevada1960-1969 D
New Hampshire1960-1961 R
New Hampshire1960-1969 R
New Hampshire1961-1962 R
New Hampshire1962-1969 D
New Jersey1960-1969 R
New Jersey1960-1969 D
New Mexico1960-1962 D
New Mexico1960-1969 D
New Mexico1962-1964 R
New Mexico1964-1969 D
New York1960-1969 R
New York1960-1965 R
New York1965-1968 D
New York1968-1969 R
North Carolina1960-1969 D
North Carolina1960-1969 D
North Dakota1960-1969 R
North Dakota1960 R
North Dakota1960-1969 D
Ohio1960-1969 D
Ohio1960-1969 D
Ohio1969 R
StateSenatorYear and Party
Oklahoma1960-1963 D
Oklahoma1960-1969 D
Oklahoma1963-1964 D
Oklahoma1964-1969 D
Oklahoma1969 R
Oregon1960-1969 D
Oregon1960 D
Oregon1960 D
Oregon1960-1967 D
Oregon1967-1969 R
Oregon1969 R
Pennsylvania1960-1969 D
Pennsylvania1960-1969 R
Pennsylvania1969 R
Rhode Island1960-1961 D
Rhode Island1960-1969 D
Rhode Island1961-1969 D
South Carolina1960-1965 D
South Carolina1960-1964 D, 1964-1969 R
South Carolina1965-1966 D
South Carolina1966-1969 D
South Dakota1960-1969 R
South Dakota1960-1962 R
South Dakota1962-1963 R
South Dakota1963-1969 D
Tennessee1960-1963 D
Tennessee1960-1969 D
Tennessee1963-1964 D
Tennessee1964-1967 D
Tennessee1967-1969 R
Texas1960-1961 D
Texas1960-1969 D
Texas1961 D
Texas1961-1969 R
Utah1960-1969 R
Utah1960-1969 D
Vermont1960-1969 R
Vermont1960-1969 R
Virginia1960-1965 D
Virginia1960-1966 D
Virginia1965-1969 D
Virginia1966-1969 D
Washington1960-1969 D
Washington1960-1969 D
West Virginia1960-1969 D
West Virginia1960-1969 D
Wisconsin1960-1963 R
Wisconsin1960-1969 D
Wisconsin1963-1969 D
Wyoming1960-1961 D
Wyoming1960-1969 D
Wyoming1961-1962 D
Wyoming1962-1967 R
Wyoming1967-1969 R

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