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Synthetic elastic fiber, also known as Lycra
Substance used along with signet rings and envelopes to convey diplomatic messages in medieval times
Native American tribe primarily residing in the Dakotas
To practice in the art of pugilism without an opponent
Rules for constructing sentences or computer programming commands
Contagious disease resulting in potentially deadly rash and blisters
Rare crystalline form of quartz shaded deep black
Gandalf's steed, one of the noble Mearas, or a new age electronic band from the 80s
Fee levied on government documents, one of which helped lead to the American Revolution
Nintendo game series featuring Peppy Hare, Slippy Toad and Falco Lombardi
Container kept safe in a secure vault at a bank or post office for the benefit of a paying individual
Attempt to manipulate a search engine to promote certain websites or products
Haughtiness, condescension, or a genuine psychological ailment of exaggerating one's own self-worth
River connecting the realm of the living to the underworld, in Greek myth
Mythical lion creature or ancient Egyptian monument
Publisher of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts
Use of condoms or prophylactics to avoid infectious diseases such as AIDS
English county bordered by Kent, Hampshire and Surrey
Component added to the end of a word
State fee paid when purchasing a good or service
Outdoor child's play area, or open-ended non-linear gameplay
Decorative container for recreational tobacco
Platform for public speaking, either literal or metaphorical
Huge but sleepy and docile Pokémon, weighing in excess of a thousand pounds
Group of villains from Spider-Man's rogues gallery
An additional state fee applied to a preexisting tax

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