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Simpsons' neighbour on the other side to the Flandereses. Sold the house to run out the clock in Florida
Mr. Burns' cherished teddy bear
He is watching Marge through a camera! (to the tune of Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics)
Child psychologist who mentored Ned Flanders as a child, and again when he went crazy after a hurricane tore down his house
Marge's bowling teacher and admirer
Voiced by actor Steve Martin in 'Trash of the Titans'
Employee at Mount Useful from 'Mountain of Madness'
Jiminy Jillikers! It's Radioactive Man's sidekick!
Entrepreneuse and proprietoress of 'La Maison Derriere'
Hard-nosed cop who replaced Chief Wiggum during Springfield's Prohibition period
Leader of the counterfeit jeans ring uncovered in 'The Springfield Connection'
Member of the 'Legitimate Businessmen's Social Club'; he's the one with the high-pitched voice
Wife (and possibly sister) of the slack-jawed yokel
Jazz musician and idol to Lisa Simpson
Apu's wife through an arranged marriage
Undersecretary for International Protocol, Brat and Punk Division; from 'Bart vs. Australia'
'Any time I hear the wind blow it will whisper the name... ______'?
More commonly known as 'comic book guy', he is the proprietor of Android's Dungeon, the comic book store
School psychiatrist at Springfield Elementary
The Simpsons' evangelical neighbour
Gossipy wife of the local Reverend
Grad student who accused Homer of sexual harassment in 'Homer Badman'
Charismatic businessman who sold Springfield a dodgy monorail
Star of the TV Show Knightboat - ‘The crime solving boat!’
Clichéd action hero actor: 'the goggles, they do nothing!'
School kid who's always ill
CEO of Itchy & Scratchy Studios, founded by his father
Accidentally ate poisonous 'Fugu'....
Partner of Eddie the cop
'I'm half-Joe Camel and a third Fonzarelli. I'm the kung fu hippie from Gangsta City. I'm a rappin' surfer, You're the fool I pity'
Hailing from Scotland and hoarder of grease at Springfield Elementary
SNPP employee and regular barfly at Moe's
Local bully and one-time beau of Lisa's
Voiced by actor Joseph Hyde-Pierce
Italian chef, proprietor of local restaurant
Dr. Hibbert's wife
One of Krusty's many sidekicks over the years, as seen in 'I Love Lisa' - wears an afro
The Simpsons' next door neighbour (on the other side to the Flandereses) ever since the Winfields moved away to Florida
Proprietor of the Kwik-E-Mart convenience store
Not-entirely-competent doctor
Cat burglar from 'Homer the Vigilante'
Played Radioactive Man's sidekick in the original TV series
Winner of the Little Miss Springfield competition
Unit Commander of the Flying Hellfish
Worker of the Week and on the front cover of 'Time' in 'Deep Space Homer'
Simpson relative who runs an unsuccessful shrimp company
Criminal owner of 'Lil Bandit'
Evil supervillain and President of Globex Corporation
Hints that the marijuana might be medicinal
Principal at Springfield Elementary school: fraudulently known as Seymour Skinner
Elephant that was Bart's pet for a brief time
Original creator of Itchy from Itchy & Scratchy
The only competent doctor in town
Dances for nickels down at Springfield Docks
Lisa's second grade teacher at Springfield Elementary
31-year-old recovering alcoholic and gets injured a lot; looks old
The deeper-pitch voiced of the two aliens from Rigel 7, first seen in the Treehouse of Horror episodes
Disobedient daughter of the Reverend, who was Bart's love interest briefly
Black SNPP employee (was Homer's supervisor at one point) and regular barfly at Moe's
Springfield founder and cultural icon, with a noble spirit
Wrestler from 'Bart the Daredevil'
Mascot of Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
Daredevil stunt motorcyclist
Lisa's wealthy fiancé in the future
She's the one who's been married several times and has a baby, Ling
Administrator for Springfield's schools and boss of Principal Skinner
Chief of the Movementarians, who promised to whisk everyone off to the planet Blisstonia
Channel 6 News' traffic reporter with the 'eye in the sky'
Temporary employee at the nuclear plant; tragically killed by his dislike of Homer Simpson
Art teacher at Springfield Community College from 'Brush With Greatness'
Yarrrrrrrr, he's not attractive....
Manager of The Isotopes baseball team in 'Dancing Homer'
The only foundation repair guy in town
Country singer that Homer managed in 'Colonel Homer'
Also known as 'Miguel Sanchez' or 'Dr. Nguyen Van Phuoc'
Local bartender and proprietor of a local tavern; subject to repeated prank calls
The higher-pitch voiced of the two aliens from Rigel 7 first seen in the Treehouse of Horror episodes
Entertainer at Martin's birthday party; can conjure up magic sevens
Homer's mother, a hippy on the run from the law
Regular character, sadly died in Season 11
Father of Krusty the Clown
Mascot for the Capitol City baseball team
This guy doesn't advertise
Shoots birds at the airport, a relative of the Simpsons
Ned Flanders grand-uncle
School bully whose real name is 'Corky'
The name of the fictional boyfriend Bart invents in 'Bart the Lover'
School bus driver and legendary pothead
Lisa sabotaged this extremely smart student's diarama of The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe
She shot Mr. Burns
Hot shot estate agent at Red Blazer Realty
Milhouse's father
The quieter of the school bullies, with floppy hair
This old-timer often gets his beard caught in pencil sharpeners
IQ of 216
Barney Gumble's father
Marge's sister and twin of Selma; She is openly gay
Kent Brockman's daughter; was right about the Berlin Wall
Twins in Bart's class
Milhouse's mom who was born in Shelbyville
Shoplifted a copy of 'Bonestorm'
Braced student at Springfield Elementary where she fell in love with Milhouse
Chief of Springfield Police
Slack-jawed yokel
Voiced by actor and comedian Rodney Dangerfield
Beloved porcine mascot of Springfield A&M; one of Richard Nixon's best friends
The Simpsons' second cat; Somewhat ironically named since its black, not white
The policeman who solves crimes in his spare time
Originally on Channel Ocho but was poached by Krusty for his show
Crooked Congressman for whatever state Springfield is in
Seymour Skinner's father
Principal Skinner's mother
Will tear you up like a Kleenex at a snot party
Intelligent and well-behaved dog the Simpsons owned for a while; now a police dog
More commonly known as Sideshow Mel, he replaced Sideshow Bob on the 'Krusty the Clown Show'
Thought he was Michael Jackson and sang 'Lisa it's your birthday'
Music teacher as Springfield Elementary
Albanian exchange-student-come-spy
British nanny; unfortunately sucked into jet engine of passing aircraft
Local TV clown's rollerskating monkey
The older Flanders child
Grampa's girlfriend until she died of a burst ventricle
Original creator of the Malibu Stacey doll
Paste-eating second-grader at Springfield Elementary
Friend and classmate of Bart's, and one of a select few African-American characters
Temporary power plant employee who Homer falls for
Carny who squatted in the Simpson home with his son
Frankly, I would have expected better from him
Foreign exchange student; don't make him run, he's full of chocolate!
Chairman of the Legitimate Businessmen's Social Club
Dinner lady at Springfield Elementary school cafeteria
Gay owner of Cockamamie's Collectibles Shop; befriended the Simpson family in 'Homer's Phobia'
Governor of Springfield
The younger Flanders child
Australian boy who accepted Bart's collect call
Substitute teacher with semitic good looks
Monobrowed arch-nemesis of Maggie Simpson
Inventor and uber-nerd
Wife of Chief Wiggum
Owner of Shelbyville Nuclear Power Plant
Notoriously dyes her hair
Cheif Wiggum's father
Presides over cases at Springfield Courthouse
The security guard at the Try 'N' Save
The tax-cheating, wife-swapping, pot-smoking, spendocrat mayor of Springfield
Three-eyed fish, mutated by toxic waste from Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
Local psychologist
Starred in moving short film for the Springfield film festival about an alcoholic
Homer's spirit guide; voiced by the late great Johnny Cash
Member of the 'Legitimate Businessmen's Social Club'; he's the one with the low-pitched voice
Lazy duck who works at the power plant
The name marge mistakenly gives her psychologist at the end of 'Fear of Flying'
'Stars discovered, fortunes made, hats blocked'
Sycophantic assistant and firmly in the closet
Hates stepping on garden rakes
Self-help guru who told Springfieldianites to behave like Bart
President of the Springfield Historial Society
Bart sells his soul to this character
One of the bullies at school, has a fake ID and drives a Hyundai Stellar
You may remember him from such productions as 'Gladys The Groovy Mule' and 'Lead Paint, Delicious But Deadly'
Pretzel vendor who sold a franchise to Marge

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