Geological Periods (and Ages, Epochs and Eras)

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Can you name the geological periods of the Phanerozoic Eon?

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EraPeriodDate Range
Cenozoic Era(2.5 mya to today)
Cenozoic Era(23 to 2.5 mya)
Cenozoic Era(65 to 23 mya)
Mesozoic Era(145 to 65 mya)
Mesozoic Era(200 to 145 mya)
Mesozoic Era(251 to 200 mya)
Paleozoic Era(299 to 251 mya)
Paleozoic Era(359 to 299 mya)
Paleozoic Era(417 to 359 mya)
Paleozoic Era(443 to 417 mya)
Paleozoic Era(488 to 443 mya)
Paleozoic Era(542 to 488 mya)
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