Scifi/Fantasy Series by Characters

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Can you name the series based on obscure(ish) characters?

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Lord Asriel, Mrs Coulter, Pantalaimon
Martin, Triss, Orkwil
Lucia, Kaiku, Cailin tu Moritat
Tom Bombadil, Grima, Theoden
Gnasher, Hu Gibbet, Roth
Mo, Orpheus, Elinor
Faquarl, Kitty, Simon Lovelace
Jeor, Matthos, Podrick
Emrys, Shim, Cairpre
Morvolo, Gilderoy, Hepzibah
Valentine, Mazer, Pipo
Griffle, Nikabrik, Susan
Belwar, Guenhwyvar, Zaknafein
Thresh, Brutus, Mags
Garrow, Yarbog, Selena
Mac, Jonas, Angel
Tobias, Drode, Cassie
Andross, Garadul, Zymun
Sharn, Kree, Ava
Alicia, Madison, Jessamine
Tacroy, Anthea, Millie
Henni, Harlech, Kulwych
Jeph, Abban, Selia

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