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Can you name the antagonists and monsters-of-the-week from The X-Files based on these haikus?

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His bite? Gross enough. / Even worse? Getting dunked in / the nasty sewage
A hypnotic voice / Lets you know what's just a dream: / Cerulean Blue
If you were Mulder / Wouldn't you try for Scully? / On a waterbed?
First takes hostages / Then, abductee abducts and / Ascends to the Stars
Backstabs everyone / More than a double agent / Triple? Quadruple?
He's hot for teacher / But he gets a charge when he / Kills Jack Black
Dude. Please will you just / Resolve a plotline for once? / Did you plan ahead?
When space wants you dead / Hire this guy. (Or is it guys?) / Back of the neck, please
Just trying to get / A little bit of tail. Oops! / The kids got it too!
What every man wants / A woman just like Mom, right? / Messed-up family
If he draws a bath / Get the hell away from him / He 'likes' death. A lot.
He does add some class / To the Syndicate leaders / With his pretty hands
The Parent Trap / But with more girls, poison, and / Exsanguination
Involved in it all / His presence felt everywhere / Could use an ashtray
A bit of a stretch / What could be more disgusting / Than a bile cocoon?
Tricky child killer / Almost had Mulder convinced / But was in wrong house
High school can be tough / This one is downright hellish / Who will feed the snake?
You did not just see / What you think you saw. Got it? / Huh? Daily Double?
Cancer's a killer / Except for when it's a meal / So much iodine!
He's got dad issues / But he still could be nicer / to his co-workers

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