Video Game Character Haikus II

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Can you name the video game characters based on these new haikus?

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HaikuCharacterGame or Series
White dragon soars high / Drum toy calls feathery wings / I'm not Falkor, dude
Sunglasses at night / This movie star fights dirty / A punch to the balls
Blond ponytail-bot / Beam saber and red armor / Alive? Dead? Missing?
The most famous one / How do you measure a mouse? / Kilowatts? Volts? Joules?
The 1980's / Dressed in a pink or white suit / He rhymes with his dance
With golden power / Comes wisdom, magical might / And some cross-dressing
Hopping toward danger / It's not easy being green / Busy streets can kill
Her hair wound in buns / Draws attention from her thighs / Pillars of power
Ryukyu Isles' pirate / Master of the nunchaku / Elvis meets Bruce Lee?
Punk/goth redhead rocks / With star power and hammer-ons / Rocker or Skool Grrl?
HaikuCharacterGame or Series
We all love a chimp / Who wears a hat and t-shirt / A peanut gun? Yum!
Silent and faceless / A space marine armed in green / Or Red vs. Blue?
Climb, shoot, swim, explore / What treasures do the tombs hold? / Perhaps a nude code?
Magnum and red vest / Helps master of unlocking / Not be Jill sandwich
Beasts become robots / The egg man has a face like / Teddy Roosevelt
A computer whiz / With a special love for Snake / And his... step-mother!?
With a whip, axe, knives / Cross, holy water, and watch / Killed Dracula. Twice.
Can just one free man / Stand against monsters? Soldiers? / Yes, with a crow bar
Green dinosaur steed / For his sake, may he not taste / All his tongue touches
Ace fighter pilot / Friend to bird, rabbit, and frog / His genus? Vulpes

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