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DescriptionTechnique NameExample Users
A powerful energy ball fired from one hand facing straight forward, like a 'stop' gestureVegeta
A series of punches and swipes resembling an attacking wolfYamcha
A wide blast fired from hands with fingertips and thumbs touching, forming a triangle or 'o' shape, can drain the user's life forceTenshinhan
A technique where the user stumbles around as if drunk to lower their opponent's guardKamesennin
A series of rapid hand motions followed by a large energy ball fired from hands with forefingers and thumbs touchingTrunks
The Crane School's piercing beam, fired from the fingertipTenshinhan, Tao Pai Pai
The ability to move objects using one's mindChaozu, Guldo, General Blue
A mystical beam that transforms the target, usually to candyMajin Buu, Super Buu
Movement so fast the user's image remains in place for a momentNearly All Characters
A technique that grows an additional pair of arms from the user's backTenshinhan
A barrage of energy blasts that appear to miss, but instead surround their target from all sides before rapidly impacting on him or herPiccolo
A ball of energy that is guided by hand motions from the userYamcha
An energy ring or rings that constrict on command to bind and injure a targetGotenks
A technique that can raise the user's power severalfold, but takes a dangerous toll on the bodySon Goku
The ability of some androids to fire their fist as a projectileAndroid #16
The ability to levitiate using one's ki energyNearly All Characters
A large ball of red energy, fired like an overhead volleyball serveJeice
An enormous explosion triggered by raising two fingersNappa
A wave of energy to trap a demon in a jarKamesennin, Tenshinhan
A (usually) blue-white beam fired from two cupped hands, the signature Turtle School techniqueKamesennin, Son Goku
A technique that traps the opponent in a deadly electric current until the user relentsKamesennin
A massive explosion with a demon clansman at the centerPiccolo
A blast that is charged with both hands over the head, then fired as a beamSon Gohan
DescriptionTechnique NameExample Users
A beam fired from the mouth that swaps the bodies of the user and the targetCaptain Ginyu
A technique where the user moves their arms so rapidly there appear to be eight of themSon Goku, King Chapa
A powerful blast charged with both hands in front of the chest, then fired forwardPiccolo
An android's ability to remove his forearms and fire powerful energy cannons from inside his armsAndroid #16
A spinning disc of energy that can cut through anything, but cannot be controlled once thrownKuririn
A demonic blast fired from one arm, which is supported by the other armPiccolo Daimao, Piccolo
An attack using any number of explosive 'ghost' clones of the userGotenks, Super Buu
A thin, piercing beam with a second, spiraling beam around it that literally drills through the targetPiccolo
The ability to split into four identical clones, each with 1/4 the fighter's natural power and speedTenshinhan
A blinding flash of light invoked with hands near the user's faceTenshinhan, Son Goku, Kuririn
A strange dance that results in two fighters of equal power becoming one exponentially stronger beingSon Goten, Trunks
A devastating blast fired from a Ginyu Force member's mouthRecoome
A sticky, resin-like spit that hardens to bind an opponent in place with a bond like steelGiran
A deadly piercing beam almost too fast to seeFrieza
A massively powerful attack charged with one hand near each hip, then fired with both arms straight forwardVegeta
An enormous energy ball attack that can destroy an entire planet, such as NamekFrieza
A beam fired from two forward facing hands, similar in nature to Son Goku's signature techniqueVegeta
A slow moving blast that splits into several smaller, quicker blastsKuririn
The ability to move at the speed of light towards a sensed ki, usually with two fingers on one's foreheadSon Goku
A punch, slap, or eye-poke based on a game played with the handsSon Goku, Grandpa Gohan
The ability of Namekians to regrow lost body partsPiccolo, Nail, Kami
An extremely potent ball of energy gathered from the ki of all living things on the planet or beyondSon Goku

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