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Send out; give offMis
Producing new growth rapidly and extensivelyFer(ous)
Entertainment; amusementVert
Bearing or yielding goldFer(ous)
Turn inwardVert
Person sent out on a missionMis
Art of speaking out or reading effectively in publicLocut
Written message sent; letterMis
Without turning one's mind to the matter at hand; carelesslyVert
Bearing or inducing sleepFer
Coming and going at intervalsMis
Yielding an odorFer(ous)
Conversational; informalLocut
Able to turn with ease from one thing to anotherVert
Prevent; avoidVert
Turn away from right or truthVert
Talkative; garrulousLocut
Roundabout way of speakingLocut
Turn attention; referVert

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