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Turn inwardVert
Entertainment; amusementVert
Able to turn with ease from one thing to anotherVert
Send out; give offMis
Without turning one's mind to the matter at hand; carelesslyVert
Conversational; informalLocut
Turn attention; referVert
Written message sent; letterMis
Prevent; avoidVert
Turn away from right or truthVert
Person sent out on a missionMis
Roundabout way of speakingLocut
Bearing or yielding goldFer(ous)
Art of speaking out or reading effectively in publicLocut
Producing new growth rapidly and extensivelyFer(ous)
Coming and going at intervalsMis
Yielding an odorFer(ous)
Talkative; garrulousLocut
Bearing or inducing sleepFer

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