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flight/xray vision
gadgets and gismos
hightened senses/sticky fingers
rage/ ridiculous strength
teleportation/blue skin
controls metal
suits and energy
imagination via ring
super speed
Elastic body
Controls weather
Laser eyes
Absorbs power/drains life
absorbs kinetic energy
Extreme accuracy/bow
Metal skin
jump/acid spit/long strong tongue
long fingernails, metal bones
changes size/radioactive/can do almost anything
nimble, gadgets, ex-circus freak
Super Smart/blue/furry
night vision
Telekinesis/mental issues
Shield, super strength
Motocycle/flaming skull/whip
Morphing into animals
Creates dimension
breaths underwater/talks to fish
Teleports/blades and guns
freezes time/telekenetic/speaks via mind
Can go super small/super big
Changes into different people
Actually an ancient greek god now a drunk
can't be moved/can take any hit
Can't be seen
Massive wings/rich playboy
Diamond Skin
Walks through walls
Echo location/beating stick
Cards/beating stick

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