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Year & GenreMovieHint
1979/2009: Sci-FiFilm adaptation boldly went where TV had gone before
1996: FamilyAnimated characters take on Air Jordan
2009: ActionSolving crimes in London is elementary, my good friend
2004: HorrorSpooky villian has a puzzling pattern for creative killing
1999: ThrillerCreepy boy sees Bruce Willis with a twist
1959: FamilyA very drowsy Disney princess
2010: ThrillerScorcese's off shore crime tale
2004: Romantic ComedyCuring a midlife hangover through wine tasting
1997: Sci-FiGood looking soldiers and Neil Patrick Harris fight alien bugs
1950: DramaOut of work screenwriter teams with an over the hill actress
2005: DramaTeen girls share life and an article of clothing
1985: DramaBrat Pack graduates college and faces reality together
2000: CrimeBritish thieves and thugs fight over a giant gem
1977: ComedyTeam of misfits play some hockey
1998: Romantic ComedyYoung writer finds romance in Elizabethan England
1993: Romantic ComedyMike Myers has dangerous taste in his wife
2004: ComedyKilling the undead has never been funnier
Year & GenreMovieHint
1987: ComedyCosmic spoof of a sci-fi classic
2001: FamilyLovable ogre and his animal companions
1937: FamilyTale of a princess and her deminutive companions
2007: DocumentaryMichael Moore takes on the American health care system
1998: DramaMysterious captain leads a band of soldiers through Normandy
1995: DramaSaved by the Bell goes topless in Vegas
1956: WesternThe Duke's quest to find his kidnapped niece
1994: Sci-FiScientists and soldiers find a porthole to a far away world
1999: Romantic ComedyFreddie Prinze Jr. turns a nerd into a prom queen
1996: HorrorMasked slasher watched too many scary movies
1977: Sci-FiCosmic battles in a galaxy far, far away
1978: Action/Sci-FiInfant alien escapes to become hero on Earth
1993: FamilyBeastly guard dog meets the Great Bambino
1960: DramaKirk Douglas leads an epic slave revolt
2002: ActionShy teenager turns into a high flying hero
1985: ComedySNL alums go underground to take on the Soviets
1993: Romantic ComedyLong distance relationships can keep you up all night
Year & GenreMovieHint
1980: HorrorAll work and no play makes Jack go insane
1959: Romantic ComedySome heated cross dressing hijinx to escape the mafia
2002: ThrillerCrop circles on a Pennsylvania farm with a twist
1994: ActionMakes you think twice about taking the bus to work
1977: Musical/DramaStrutting and dancing in Brooklyn nightclubs
2006: Action/ComedySamuel L. Jackson is tired of all these airborne reptiles
2010: ActionRussian double agent spy tale
1952: MusicalBreak out the umbrellas for some fancy footwork
1991: ThrillerSerial killing with a side of fava beans
1983: DramaSay hello to violence and cocaine in Miami
2000: ComedyFrighteningly unfunny spoof with several sequels
1973: CrimeRedford and Newman con their way to Oscar buzz
1995: ThrillerSerial killing religious zealot is quite sinister
1992: ComedyVegas showgirl finds a holy unorthodox hiding place
1971: CrimeThis private investigator is one bad mother...
2008: DramaTV game show brings long lost lovers together

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