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 'Jimmy, there's still so much to be done'
 'Someone might just take a swing at you'
 '...and I just want you back by my side'
 'Where I go I hope there's rum'
 'Drink it up, this one's for you'
 'For or five years slipped away'
 '...but I know it's my own damn fault'
 '...trying to get together again'
 'Everybody wants to win that lottery'
 'Pour me something tall and strong...'
 'Sharp as an arrow in a pile of glass'
 'Any manual labor I've done is purely by mistake'
 'You pick the century and I'll pick the spot'
 'Spending those renegade pesos on a bottle of rum and a lime'
 'I'm in an awful way'
 'I know I don't get there often enough'
 'Please grant me an interview'
 'He just wanted a few weeks alone'
 'It's good for the soul'
 'I'm free and I'm ready'
 'I guess everything's been said'
 'Is there heaven here on earth or is this really hell?'
 'They come from miles around to dance the jukebox down...'
 'Winners and losers, sailors and cruisers...'
 'Honey I don't think that's true'
 'That's what the people like to read about...'
 'It took her three days on a boat'
 'I'm just glad I don't live in a trailer'
 'I was supposed to have been a Jesuit priest...'
 '...climb on board, don't let go'
 'I came with nomad feet'
 '...but I pissed it away so fast'
 'It's the same story the crow told me'
 'We promise not to shoot you out of the sky'
 'I guess I'll have to go now'
 'Yo quiero bailar en Mexico'
 'You're feeling old, old old'
 'Ceiling fan stirs the air, cigar smoke is swirled...'
 'It's a little like religion and a lot like sex'
 'Do you remember when we used to sing...'
 'Come on in and open up your mind'
 '...who knows love can endure'
 'When you know that life is just a game'
 'I must look a mess I must admit...'
 'You still lie under the thumb of the rich and the young and the pretty'
 'Don't ever forget that you just may wind up in my song'
 'Throw all our cares away'
 '...humming a tune that soon covered the land'
 'Good God Almighty, which way do I steer?'
 'I remember being buck-toothed and skinny'
 'Bring your crazy uncle, too'
 '...we've got it all tonight'
 'If we weren't all crazy we would go insane'
 'Half-baked people on the bus'
 'God I do love this job so'
 'That barnacle brain don't bend'
 'The sky was yellow and the sun was blue'
 'There's a whispering song of the wind in the grass '
 'Where the Southern Cross and the satellites...'
 'I must confess I could use some rest'

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