Jumanji Horrors by Riddle

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At night they fly, you'd better run; these winged things are not much fun. (Sarah)6
A tiny bite can make you itch, make you sneeze, make you twitch. (Judy)6
This will not be an easy mission, _____ slow the expedition. (Peter)2
His fangs are sharp. He likes your taste. Your party better move poste haste. (Peter)5
They grow much faster than bamboo. Take care or they'll come after you. (Sarah)7
A hunter from the darkest wild who makes you feel just like a child. (Alan)N/A
Don't be fooled it isn't thunder; staying put would be a blunder. (Judy)6
Every month at the quarter moon, there'll be a _____ in your lagoon. (Sarah)3
Beware the ground on which you stand; the floor is quicker than the sand. (Alan)7
Need a hand? Well you just wait. We'll help you out, we each have eight. (Peter)4
You're almost there with much at stake, but now the ground begins to quake. (Sarah)N/A

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