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Matt Le BlancS01 E01 / 'Duuuuuuude!'
Vincent VentrescaS01 E10 / 'How do you go to a wine tasting without having a drink? Or... or to a club, or to the... zoo'
Ron LeibmanS02 E22 / 'Geller, what do you mean getting my Rachel pregnant and then refusing to marry her?'
Adam GoldbergS02 E17 / 'I’m outta here. See ya pals!'
Mitchell WhitfieldS01 E02 / 'With Mindy, now I'm happy. Spit'
Chrissie HyndeS02 E07 / 'I’d like to start with a song that I wrote for the first man I ever loved. Zachary'
Susanna VoltaireS03 E09 / 'I now find you shallow and um, a dork. All right, bye'
Christine TaylorS03 E24 / 'She’s like, average height, medium build... bald'
Michael McKeanS02 E08 / 'So, it doesn’t burn when you pee, does it?'
Billy CrystalS03 E24 / 'Like when you go bowling and you know you’re in somebody else’s shoes?'
Sam McMurrayS03 E24 / 'Good to have you aboard Bing!'
Julia RobertsS02 E13 / 'My skirt, you lifted, kids laughing. I was ____ Underpants ’till I was 18'
Jessica HechtS01 E02 / 'There’s Mother’s Day, there’s Father’s Day, there’s no... Lesbian Lover Day'
Max WrightS01 E09 / 'Rachel, sweetheart. You’re a terrible, terrible waitress. Really, really awful'
Maury GinsbergS03 E15 / 'Ok we're not... but we are'
Sofia MilosS01 E06 / 'I imagine my husband would be okay with you because really, he’s okay with Ethan'
Lisa KudrowS01 E16 / 'Oh, it's you...'
Noah WyleS01 E17 / 'So, they still seem normal'
Steve ZahnS02 E04 / 'I’m an ice dancer, all my friends are gay, I was just tryin’ to fit in'
June GableS02 E10 / 'Take any job you can get and don’t make on the floor'
Charlie SheenS02 E23 / 'We can’t scratch. You know we can’t, we’ll scar'
HimselfS02 E13 / 'Rachel told me uh, you were dying to have a threesome with me and uh, Drew Barrymore'
Arye GrossS02 E07 / 'Monica told you I was cuter that this, didn’t she?'
David Schwimmer S01 E01 / 'We were on a break!'
Marlo ThomasS02 E11 / 'Monica! You look gorgeous! Last time I saw you, it was eat or be eaten'
Alison LaPlacaS03 E20 / 'Chandler is fantastic!'
Steven EckholdtS03 E11 / 'I’ve been there. I had to sort mannequin heads at, at Mannequins Plus'
Tom SelleckS02 E15 / 'Drops? Here, they’re free!'
Played by...CharacterFirst Appearance
Mark CohenS03 E07/ 'I'm so depressed I'm going to slash... my prices!'
John LehrS03 E06 / 'Although, I should probably tell you, my sister is a porn star'
Courtney Cox S01 E01 / 'I know!'
Kevin McDonaldS03 E23 / 'Eeh, huh. As I suspected, it’s a koondis!'
Elliott Gould S01 E02 / 'When I turned 50 I got the Porsche. You... you got your own little speedster'
George ClooneyS01 E17 / 'Would you relax? Look around. No pagan altars, no piles of bones in the corners, they’re fine'
Audra LindleyS02 E09 / 'Oh, i'm just updating the phonebook'
Helen HuntS01 E16 / 'This could be God’s way of telling us to eat at home'
Brenda VaccaroS01 E13 / ' Your father is no James Bond. You should’ve heard some of his cover stories. ’I’m sleeping over at my accountant’s’- I mean, what is that? Please!'
Chris IsaakS02 E12 / 'Nobody ever tells kids the truth.You were incredible'
Maggie WheelerS01 E05 / 'Oh my god!'
James HongS03 E24 / 'No boom-boom before big fight!'
Anita Barone / Jane Sibbett S01 E02 / 'I am trying to get a person out of my body here, and you’re not making it any easier'
Brooke ShieldS02 E12 / 'I’ll never forget you Hans'
Larry HankinS01 E16 / 'I could have cats'
Beverly GarlandS01 E18 / 'Let me tell you something... everything you hear at a poker game is pure crap'
Robin WilliamsS03 E24 / 'Y’know it’s that feeling you get, y’know?'
Angela FeatherstoneS03 E15 / 'What are you, married? ...’Cause that’s okay!'
Carlos GomezS03 E12 / 'Actually I ah, I am a poet'
Ben StillerS03 E22 / 'What are you just some big, dumb, stupid, doofy idiot, with a doofy idiot hairdo, huh?! Huh?!'
Cole Mitchell SprouseS01 E23 / 'Monica bang!'
Mae WhitmanS03 E10 / 'I’d rather have something my dad couldn’t sell'
Matthew Perry S01 E01 / 'Checkin’ out the Chan-Chan man!'
Morgan FairchildS01 E11 / 'I am a fabulous mom! I bought my son his first condoms'
David SchwimmerS02 E10 / 'You know, this is actually good, because if we ever lose Ross, we have a spare'
Christina PicklesS01 E02 / 'So Jack, you ever think about trading me in for a younger model?'
Stan KirschS01 E22 / 'Oh, I'm a senior... in High School'
Cosimo FuscoS01 E07 / 'Monopoly!'
Played by...CharacterFirst Appearance
HerselfS03 E05 / 'I’m not on the list!'
Jon FavreauS03 E18 / 'I want to become the Ultimate Fighting Champion!'
Debra Jo RuppS03 E18 / 'When it comes to love, what does age matter?'
Lisa KudrowS01 E01 / 'Smelly cat...'
Lauren TomS01 E24 / 'I’ll make a much better first impression tomorrow when I don’t have 20 hours of cab and plane on me'
Geoffrey LowerS01 E03 / 'I had a great time with you. I just can’t stand your friends'
Hank AzariaS01 E10 / 'No, I’m... not going to Minsk'
Giovanni RibisiS02 E06 / 'Uh, did I accidentally drop a condom in your case? It’s kind of an emergency'
Robert CostanzoS01 E13 / 'Oh, ’scuse me. So Ross, uh, how’s the wife?'
James Michael TylerS02 E09 / 'I thought you were Chandler. But one of who is over there'
Jon LovitzS01 E15 'Well, slap my ass and call me Judy! These are fantastic!'
Sherilyn FennS03 E14 / 'You're gonna freeze! What are you, what have you got, a bionic foot?'
Dan CastellanetaS02 E12 / 'The zoo! Do you believe everything the zoo tells ya?'
Markus FlanaganS03 E13 / 'Hey, buddy - this is a family place. Put the mouse back in the house'
Jim PirriS03 E15 / 'Plate!'
Michael G. HagertyS02 E03 / 'Then I made the mistake of turning off the TV, I never got it back again. And I'm sad'
Jennifer GreyS01 E20 / 'When Barry was engaged to you, he and I- kind of- had a little thing on the side'
John Allen Nelson S01 E01 / 'Ever since she left me, I haven’t been able to perform... sexually'
Fisher StevensS01 E13 / 'Y’know, this kind of co-dependant, emotionally stunted, sitting in your stupid coffee house with your stupid big cups!'
Jennifer Aniston S01 E01 / 'Nooooooo'
Teri GarrS03 E25 / 'Phoebe. I’m your mother'
David ArquetteS03 E03 / 'Oh, that’s great. I’m stalking the wrong woman. I am such a dingus!'
Reg RogersS03 E19 / 'You guys make me fly! Hiiiiigh!'
Melora HardinS01 E15 / 'No no no. Talk... dirty'
Stephen KearnyS03 E15 / 'He said thank you very much, he thinks you look very pretty tonight, your hair golden like the sun. (to Monica) So, you’re a chef?'
Dina Meyer S03 E19 / 'I love Jennifer Van Murray’s work. She’s so brilliantly incisive when it comes to deconstructing the psyche of the American middle class'
E. G. DailyS03 E14 / 'Sticky shoes, sticky shoes, next time I’ll... avoid the... pile!'

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