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Can you name the women who were the first to run for or be elected to a particular office?

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Candidate for major party U.S. presidential nomination (1964)
Prime Minister of Dominica; elected head of government in Americas (1980)
Member of British Parliament (serving - 1919)
U.S. Representative (1917)
Member of Egyptian Parliament; representative in Arab world (1957)
Candidate for U.S. President (1872)
Prime Minister of Sri Lanka; head of government (1960)
Prime Minister of the U.K. (1979)
Prime Minister of Israel (1969)
Candidate on a major party U.S. Presidential ticket (1984)
U.S. Senator (1933)
Candidate for Democratic U.S. presidential nomination (1972)
Prime Minister of India (1966)
Chancellor of Germany (2005)
Prime Minister of Pakistan; leader of a Muslim state (1988)
President of Liberia; African head of state (2006)
Speaker of Pakistani National Assembly; parlimentary speaker in Muslim world (2008)
President of the Philippines (1986)
Candidate on a Republican U.S. presidential ticket (2008)
Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives (2007)

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