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Can you name the things mistakenly thought of as being suited for children?

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Why you might think it's suited for kidsAnswerWhy it's not
Film about children in colorful superhero costumes who fight crime......with graphic bloody violence
Book that's a prequel to 'The Wizard of Oz'......with explicit sex and violence
Film about a little girl, a magical faun and some fairies......set in the Spanish Civil War and rated R for graphic violence
Film about a detective trying to save a bunch of cartoons......featuring the as-voted sexiest cartoon character ever and another character being dissolved
Film about plucky ragdolls......being torn apart and getting their souls sucked out by terrifying creations in a post-apocalyptic wasteland
Musical featuring muppets......who have sex on stage
Cartoon about the adventures of four kids......who enjoy foul language and bigotry
Web animations about cute fluffy animals......being tortured to death
Animated film, based on a book, about bunnies......who kill each other, are gassed to death, and fight fascism
Story about talking pigs, sheep and horses......that's an allegory for the Russian Revolution
Show featuring children's chorus and segments like 'What's Jim Drawing?' and 'Story Time'......with a disclaimer, accompanied by screaming, that it contains 'offensive, despicable content' and that you are a bad parent or guardian if you let your child watch it
Cartoon about a family with 3 kids and a dog......as well as violence and nudity

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