Fictional Serial Killers

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Can you name the Fictional Serial Killers?

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Owner of an eponymous motel in 'Psycho'
Barber who first appeared in the penny dreadful 'The String of Pearls,' and more recently in a Sondheim musical
Razor-gloved villain of 'Nightmare on Elm Street'
Psychiatrist and cannibal who first appeared in 'Red Dragon' and later in 'The Silence of the Lambs'
Kills other superhumans to steal their powers in 'Heroes'
Author of bestseller crime novels, antagonist of 'Basic Instinct' and protagonist of 'Basic Instinct 2'
Antihero of 'Death Note' who tries to create a perfect world by eliminating criminals
Blood spatter analyst who kills other killers in an eponymous TV series
Manhattan businessman and antihero of 'American Psycho'
Villain of 'Friday the 13th' series who donned his trademark hockey mask in Part III

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