Harry Potter Common Last Names

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First NamesLast Names
Hestia, Gwenog
Bilius, Victoire
Cassandra, Sybil
Kendra, Ariana
Marjorie, Vernon
Fabien, Gideon
Augusta, Frank
Lily, Albus
Phineas, Regulus
Narcissa, Astoria
Andromeda, Nymphadora
Edgar, Amelia
Zacharias, Hepzibah
Colin, Dennis
Parvati, Padma
Gabrielle, Fleur
First NamesLast Names
Amos, Cedric
Amycus, Alecto
Ignotus, Cadmus
Vincent, Irma
Merope, Morfin
Tom, Tom
Rowena, Helena
Millicent, Violetta
Bartemius, Bartemius
Lily, Petunia
Lysander, Rolf
Xenophilius, Luna
Reg, Mary
Severus, Tobias
Wendell, Monica

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