Call Of Duty 6: Secondary Guns

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Can you name the Call Of Duty 6: Secondary Guns?

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ActionGunType of Gun
Pump action shotgunShotgun
Automatic ShotgunShotgun
Semi-auto, roll feed shotgunShotgun
Double Barrel shotgun- used for akimboShotgun
4 shell feed- semi auto shotgunShotgun
Last shotgun unlocked- used for akimboShotgun
3 shot burst machine pistolMachine Pistol
Popular machine pistol- 3rd unlockedMachine Pistol
Low ammo machine pistolMachine Pistol
First Machine Pistol unlockedMachine Pistol
ActionGunType of Gun
First Handgun unlockedHandgun
U.S. Army PistolHandgun
VERY popular handgunHandgun
Lock-on/Free Fire- first unlockedLauncher
Grenade LauncherLauncher
Lock-On Only launcherLauncher
Shoots up and comes down-like Pred MissileLauncher
Rocket Propelled GrenadeLauncher

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