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CountriesWarsTime Period
Greece431-404 B.C.
Greece264-241 B.C.
Greece218-201 B.C.
Normandy vs England1068 AD
France vs England1337-1453
France vs England1455-1485
France vs England1618-1648
English King vs Parliament1642-1651
United States vs England1775-1783
France Nobles vs France Middle and Poor class1789-1799
France vs Europe1803-1815
United States vs England1812-1814
Mexico vs United States1846-1848
Union vs Confederacy1861-1865
China vs Japan1894-1895
Spain vs United States1898
CountriesWarsTime Period
England vs South Africans1899-1902
Triple Entente vs Triple Alliance (and other World Powers)1914-1918
China vs Japan1937-1945
Nazi Germany and Japan vs World1939-1945
Israel vs Palestine1948-1949
North Korea vs South Korea (Other World Powers Involved)1950-1953
North Vietnam vs South Vietnam (Other World Powers Involved)1954-1975
Israel vs Egypt1956
Israel vs Egypt1967
Israel vs Egypt1973
Iran vs Iraq1980-1988
Kuwait vs Iraq (Other World Powers Involved)1990-1991
United States vs Terrorism (Other World Powers Involved2001-Present

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