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Minute Morsel ('Z' Ends It 4 Letters)
You are doing one now 
Female lead in The Green Hornet and Being John Malkovich 
Cracker named for a swanky hotel 
DreamWorks movie featuring Woody Allen and Sly Stallone 
Second largest city in Austria 
Relief pitcher JJ is no schmuck, though he's named like one 
Missing Word (Spielberg Movies)
Close _____________ of the Third Kind 
The Sugarland ___________  
The Color _________ 
____________ Park 
Empire of the _______ 
__________ of the Lost Ark 
Word Scramble (Websites)
Word Ladder (Mini Word Ladder 7)
Old Dutch coin or mustard maker 
Like the 5 rings in the '12 Days of Christmas' 
Main character in 'The Catcher in the Rye' 
US Attorney General Eric 
Metal alloy used for welding 
You, while answering these clues 

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