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First NameAthleteLast Name
Hawiian Pole ArtHairdresser
What you wear around your neckWay to serve corn
Hello+Porch+Fifth Letter of the AlphabetApple Sauce Company+Take to Court+Letter of the Alphabet
Jimmy Neutrons Fat Friend+2000 PoundsOne Handed Basketball Catch
Electric Equatic Animal+Self PronounMale+Financial Company
Male TurkeyTo Weave Hair+Fifth Letter of the Alphabet
Stress Relieving Activity - I + A Winnie the Pooh or Smokey+First Half of a Sneeze
Toilet+Fifth Letter of the AlphabetNot Night+Jamaican Greeting
Impolite+Present Tense of WasMore Spectacular Than+Male Equivalent of Daughter
Shortest GospelAbreviation of Austin, Dallas, and El Paso's State+Time Period Usually Lasting Many Years
'You Can Call Me __'+ Divorcee Pole+Prefix Meaning Repeat+Estimate
Steal+Not Out+Male Equivalent of DaughterWhat You Drink a Soda From+15th Letter of the Alphabet
Famous MouseAbove the Fireplace
In Addition To+ Fifth Letter of the AlphabetFrench for Small
Liquid Dairy Product+Fifth Letter of the AlphabetTaxi+Not Common+English Article
Male Shoulder BagA Book is Comprised of These
What Noise You Make When You are RelaxingNot Old
Form of Bread+Another English ArticleMuscle
What you step on when you enter a houseChristmas, Halloween, or Independence Day
Urine+French for YesCompany that Makes Peanut Butter Cups
Son of a KingPosition Player
To Give Money to+2,000 PoundsMale+Financial Company
Part of a Car _____ Plug+Fifth Letter of the AlphabetIn Addition To+Suffix that Means More Than+Male Equivalent of Daughter
First NameAthleteLast Name
I+What the Dentist Tells You to SaySandwich Meat not Turkey but . . .
To Wither or Fade AwayA Large Room+Past Tense of Lay
Your Work+First Letter of the AlphabetA Large Room+Past Tense of Lay
Part of a Car _____ Plug+Fifth Letter of the AlphabetTo Not Tell the Truth+Twelth Letter of the Alphabet
Infant or what a teenage male calls his girlfriend____ Bater Ginsberg
You+Not CrazyGoes After Crossbow, or Lightning
To Wed+Last Two Syllables of a Pepridge Farm CookieA Larger Stream or Brook+ First Letter of the Alphabet
Soil or Dirt+ Directly AboveFemale Equivalent of Don+Big Car
Type of Limb+In Addition To+Fifteenth Letter of The AlphabetWestern Way of Saying Girl+Pirate word+Last name of Singer of Poker Face Minus the G
Capital of TexasWord that Sometimes Precedes Hammer+Male Equivalent of Daughter
Shortest GospelLarge and Muscular
_____ SeinfeldAsian Food That Goes With Sushi
A Place To Work OutAsian Food That Goes With Sushi
Opposite of Night+Abbreviation for Audio's CounterpartNot Left But ______
What You Use to Wash a Car+What Follows a Canadian Person's QuestionsA Drop of Golden Sun+Spanish Word for IS
Vehicle You Drive In+L in L.A.What you where around your pants+Past Tense of Run
Vehicle You Drive In+L in L.A.In Spanish This Means Of+ Spanish for Cat
Form of Bread+Another English Article5What You Find at The Beach+What Sunk The Titanic-the ice
One of The Largest City in TexasTo Weave Hair+14th letter of the Alphabet
Shortest Gospel+WeA River in Connecticut and England
Slang for Hi+What is at the End of One of Your LimbsNickname for Christmas Good Guy+One Syllable Word in the Chorus of Hey Jude by The Beatles
To Just Hit the Corner ofNothing But Net+Suffix that Means More Than
To Just Hit the Corner ofMathew, Mark, Luke, and _____+Male Equivalent of Daughter
Opposite of Night+Abbreviation for Audio's CounterpartFox News Analysis Glenn _______
Recently ArrivedNot Down But ___+2,000 Pounds

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