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Franco–Prussian War200,900
Wu Hu Era150,000+
War of the Sixth Coalition124,000
Maurya Empire110,000
Three Kingdoms100,000+
Tokhtamysh–Timur war100,000
War of the Spanish Succession95,000
Germanic Wars (Cimbrian War)84,000+
Iceni Revolt80,400
Byzantine-Bulgarian Wars80,000
War of the Fifth Coalition78,000
French Invasion of Russia74,000
Byzantine–Arab Wars70,000
Sengoku Period60,000
French Invasion of Russia60,000
Second Punic War56,000
Wars of Alexander the Great53,500
Roman-Syrian War53,350
War of the Third Coalition52,000
Greco-Persian Wars51,500
American Civil War51,000
Wars of Alexander the Great50,450
Austro–Prussian War47,500
Hundred Days47,000+
Gothic War40,000+
War of the Third Coalition40,000
Muslim conquest of Persia35,000
Second Punic War35,000
American Civil War34,000
Franco–Prussian War34,000
Third Samnite War33,500
War of the Spanish Succession32,000
Ottoman–Habsburg wars30,300
Ottoman–Hungarian Wars30,000+
Mongol invasion of Poland30,000+
Second Punic War30,000
Hundred Days28,000+
War of the Grand Alliance28,000

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