Resident evil 6: Agent hunt

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Can you name the characters playable in Resident evil 6: Agent hunt mode??

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How to Play
Creature descriptionCharacter
They are able to utilize a simple slash attack that can make small combos, as well as a heavily-orchestrated spinning machete attack.
A swarm of creatures that hatch from a chrysalid and act like a colony of bees protecting its queen, using this you can attack or cover a enemy with a swarm of bees cuasing them so
As one of these, players can swipe at targets with their hands or grab and bite.
Once a Zombie takes enough damage, it may randomly mutate into this.
If a J'avo is close to death, they may begin mutation into a Chrysalid. Just the same as an AI-enemy, they will enter a pod-like stasis that they will eventually burst from this.
These Ooze-like creatures have extremely lethal attacks that can cause instant-death if they are not shaken off. They are also nigh-invulnerable to conventional firearms, as they c
Another playable Chrysalid mutation. Slow, but fiendishly strong melee attacks. They are also capable of unleashing a fast, charging attack to knock over their targets.
Players controlling these can pounce on their victims and tear at their throat, as well as dodge bullets by jumping sideways.
A J'avo in the mountains of Edonia may mutate into one of these when near death. These flying bird-like creatures can swoop down and grab a target, then stab them with multiple tal
These creatures can either punch or hide to fill up their lungs with air in preparation for a scream attack, which inflicts damage depending on proximity to the targets.
You can get up close and personal with your targets by runnig up and stunning a enemy with your wrist blade and even killing them when they are wounded or are inccapatated on the f

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