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Name of the magazine that Lloyd's trying to buy when he loses his wallet
Number of hours a week that Lloyd is unwilling to work
Name of proposed worm farm
Harry thinks that Aspen is in this country
In his daydream about his date with Mary, Lloyd tears which organ out of the chef?
Lloyd's last name
Mary's husband's name
The name of the suite in which Harry and Lloyd stay
For manly love, be in the bathroom stall at what time?
Harry is angry to find out that Lloyd has an extra pair of what type of clothing?
What Harry's referring to when he asks, 'Are they yours? Both of 'em?'
Lloyd's occupation at the beginning of the movie
Value of the IOU for the car
Accent Lloyd mistakenly attributes to the girl on the street
The color of Harry's tuxedo
Place where Lloyd is supposed to meet Mary for drinks
What is the soup du jour?
Number of plates Harry & Lloyd buy at the preservation dinner
Name of the big guy who hocks on Harry's burger
The bare essentials include beer, a giant cowboy hat, paddleball, and what other item?
First name of the 'bad guy,' the man who captured Mary's husband
Name of Harry's parakeet
Shape of Harry and Lloyd's hot tub
Harry's last name
Lloyd thinks that Aspen is in this state
Name of Harry's ex (who Lloyd 'french tickled')
Harry and Lloyd think the hitmen are after them because they didn't pay which bill?
Fraction of the way Harry and Lloyd have gone across the country in the wrong direction
'They're driving an __ sheepdog.'
'Last name' that was on the briefcase all along
Name of Harry's dog grooming business
The color of Lloyd's tuxedo
Type of animal protected at Aspen benefit dinner
Type of poison pill that kills the hitman
Name of the street where Mary lives
Name of the song playing when Harry and Lloyd get their makeover
Odds of a girl like Mary ending up with a guy like Lloyd
Number of miles to the gallon Lloyd gets on the hog
What Lloyd is drinking when he comes out of the 7-11
Mary's last name

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